Logitus hits the target …

Your benefits:

1. Expert advice supported by knowledge in various areas of work

2. Tested and effective solutions

All of our solutions are effective; they have been tested in practice with our clients and developed in cooperation with our partners.                              

3. The optimization of business processes

Our work is focused on the optimization of business processes, taking advantage of electronic operations and long-term archiving of materials. We can also perform an analysis of the situation or carry out audits.

4. Documentation

We document work, and we prepare documentation for the enforcement of development benefits for R&R projects.

5. Correct placement of internal IT or relationships with other IT partners

We can correctly place large companies’ internal IT and change it from the cost unit to the service centre.

6. Transparency of work

The work on client’s premises is performed based on carefully prepared plans of activities, which have been approved by the client. Progress will be seen from regular reports and documentation.

7. Setting up performance metric

We will set up and monitor the realisation of the internal IT performance metric from end users’ perspective.

8. Active cooperation and connection with all areas of operation

We will actively cooperate with all areas of a client’s operation and set up good bases for the exchange of information and needs.

9. Standardisation

We will help you prepare internal organizational rules, job classification or other documents.