We give advice and make sure our advice is realized in practice.

Advising and IT Implementation

We find advising and IT implementation as two inseparable wholes. We don’t believe in advising without proving that the advice can be realized and that it delivers the expected benefits to clients.

We assume responsibility over the introduction of changes.

IT services and solutions are implemented based on project methodologies. During the implementation we take care of timely corrections of deviations from the plans and for proper documentation following ISO requirements or other standards.

We built and manage IT systems and services using various and modern techniques, balance between in and out sourcing and services implementation in a way that we can put ourselves into our clients’ shoes. 

We also offer our clients:

  • The preparation of strategies and plans for operations in the areas of business development, organization and IT,
  • Transferring annual plans into operating implementation and management of work,
  • Help with the reorganization of companies (acquisitions, changes of operations, operation of IT environments and similar),
  • The development of new added values or services through IT,
  • HR workshops and activities in connection with IT (coaching, team work, performance metrics of IT groups),
  • An inventory of processes.

The price for a client is formed as a key-turn solution with no hidden costs or as a payment for the actually performed work – per hours, result, delivered service or actual work.

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