How does Logitus work?

Services & Solutions

We tailor our solutions and services based on relevant areas of work or as requested by clients.

XL clients

Our largest clients have their own information teams and solutions. We provide them with an unbiased view of the situation in their company, as well as a comparison with the information and organizational solutions on the market. We recommend all our XL clients to use our help with an assessment of the situation, preparation of suggestions for improvement and help with the implementation. Our cooperation usually continues after the solutions have been implemented; we take advantage of the fact that we now know each other and of our knowledge about solutions to carry out regular follow-up controls of situations or to introduce new projects. We also make plans and lead development and maintenance projects for our XL clients or their internal teams.

Certain XL clients hire us also to represent them in selection procedures or negotiations with their IT suppliers.

M and S clients

M and S clients usually want to integrate active solutions with as little effort and changes as possible. Together with partners, we have prepared various solutions for a range of fields, which clients can apply by investing a minimum amount of their time. All these solutions have been tested and used in practice.

We recommend our M and S clients to apply solutions such as cloud services, and we also offer them the option of outsourcing for other services – in the area of informatics or development.

End users

End users can enjoy in various portal solutions in the area of e-operations and the swapping to entirely paperless operations.

Such solutions are usually financed by clients who want to offer new services to their end users through web services or cloud services.