The optimization and control are tailored to each client’s needs based on many years of experience and good practices.

IT Optimization and Control

Control over the implementation of extensive information projects

Our vast experience is particularly welcome in extensive projects or projects critical in terms of time/finance, where we, on behalf of the client, take over the control and ensure the implementation within the deadlines that correspond to the quality and volume.

Managing informatics and innovation

Have you ever considered hiring an informatics or innovation manager? If you are thinking about it, give us a call – you won’t regret it. We have been successfully performing this service in large companies, which have hired us as a financially convenient solution in comparison with fixed-term employees, as well as due to our extensive expertise.

An analysis of the situation

We usually start cooperating with new clients by preparing an analysis of the situation and suggestions for development, urgent corrections and the optimization of IT management or of analysed business processes. Clients often come to us for “second opinion” about their IT and existing partners.

This way:

  • We meet a new client already before concluding extensive contracts of service performance,
  • We can adapt the time of performance and duration of analysis to the size of a client,
  • A client assesses our abilities on concrete tasks,
  • A client doesn’t have high expenses to start with the services

The optimization of operation or implementation of information systems

In the next phases we can do the following instead of you:

  • Optimize the operation and use of sources in the area of informatics,
  • Take care of selection procedures,
  • Assume communication and coordination towards outsourcers/partners in the area of communications and IT,
  • Carry out complex analyses of problems (in the introduction, use or decisions about the information infrastructure, communications, systems, partners, employees),
  • Take care of the proper use of IT outsourcing.
Save more than the cost of our services. From €500 per month.

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