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E-Archiving Packages

The S Package includes:

  • 1 user of the e-Archiving system for insights and direct access to e-archived documents,
  • Up to 1 GB of e-Archiving space for all archived documents,
  • 300 inserted documents/month (the quota of documents can be changed),
  • The assurance of authenticity and audit trail for the quota of documents,
  • Package time stamping once a day for one month up to the determined quota of documents.

The M Package also includes:

  • One additional user of the e-Archiving system for insights and direct access to e-archived documents (an additional responsible or substitute person of the end user),
  • An additional quota of 200 inserted documents/month,
  • Package time stamping for up to 5 additional users of e-Archiving.

The XL Package also includes:

  • An additional quota of 500 inserted documents/month,
  • Additional users, inserted documents or the space according to the actual use.

A tailored package:

  • A tailored selection for more than 1000 inserted documents/month.

The price/inserted document is from €0.01125 for the entire time of e-Archiving of such document; the price can also be determined based on the size.

The length of a document is entirely optional!

Packages can also include the integration with a client’s optional core information system for an unlimited number of client’s users.

Accompanying services (capture, selection, destruction of materials) and other services are charged according to the applicable price list or Logitus’ conditions, and they are performed only if ordered in advance.

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