Do you carry out paperless operations? We can help you!

Paperless Operations

Logitus is a certified provider of long-term electronic archiving (short name: e-Archiving) and uses approved internal rules.

We are preparing and have approved several internal rules and as well sample internal rules for health and educational organizations, which enable our clients to carry out entirely paperless operations.

Do you want to swap to paperless operations? We’ve prepared various kinds of practical experience based packages.

How do we build the system and what does our client have to say about it?

We have prepared integrations with various information systems which enables you to stop using several e-Archiving solutions at a time and only use our single long-term e-Archiving for your entire institution/ company.

Solutions are not limited only to health, educational institutions or public law entities; they can be applied by all legal entities or natural persons who want to arrange their “electronic archives”. We enable the use of services in cooperation with the partners. We use certified Gama System software.

We are as well dedicated partner of eAsistent, SRC Infonet and eGlasbenaSola.

We offer the e-Archiving and document management services as a lease service or cloud service.

The service is charged based on the actual use or set packages.

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