It connects and offers end solutions.

How does Logitus work?


Logitus knows how to present a link between clients and providers.

Logitus’ role as a link between clients and providers:

  • An analysis of the situation, a selection and determination of the most convenient measures or selections of IT solutions,
  • Arranging contractual relationships, business or project plans,
  • Managing and controlling the implementation of tasks confirmed by clients,
  • Monitoring and assessing the value of a client’s IT,
  • Monitoring and controlling the implementation of IT activities and prices,
  • Establishing the most convenient methods of communication (internally and with providers),
  • The preparation of studies.

Our clients are usually:

  • CEOs or Chairmen of Management Boards,
  • Shareholders or owners of companies,
  • IT Managers or Directors,
  • Companies included on the supply chain of large enterprises.

Providers in such projects are:

  • System integrators,
  • Other information system advisers and auditors,
  • Information solutions and equipment distributers or providers.


The best cases of good practice or expanded cooperation with selected providers are the guidelines for the preparation of solutions for end clients or their users who offer and develop themselves together with our partners.