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Sample Internal Rules

Upon taking out the lease of Logitus’ sample internal rules, clients adopt the said rules as their own internal rules in accordance with the envisaged adoption procedure. Such use is intended for groups of clients who operate in a similar way or who in such a way capture and transform materials/documents in a paper or electronic form.

Logitus has prepared more sample internal rules and has given them for review to the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia.

With the approval of the suitability of the Logitus sample internal rules, clients who adopt the internal sample rules do not need to prepare and confirm their own internal rules. Regulatory requirements for paperless operations, capture and long-term e-Archiving has been already entirely met by complying with the provisions of the Logitus sample internal rules.

The sample internal rules can be adopted only by clients who have subscribed to the Logitus e-Archiving and who pay the monthly user fee. The payment ensures:

  • The use and adoption of prepared sample internal rules,
  • Supplements to the sample internal rules (content and regulatory supplements and amendments),
  • An anual overview of the use and preparation of management reviews (ensuring compliance with the requirements of the Archives of the RS).

The sample internal rules are best used together with the DMS module for a client’s core information system, since this is the only way to ensure suitable and centralized management as well as versioning of all inserted materials in the original electronic form. Licensing for this module is ensured by the core information system provider.

The sample internal rules are protected by copyright and can be adopted only as a whole.

The price for use depends on the size of the client and the expected annual volume of work (connected with the implementation and use of the Logitus Sample Internal Rules).

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