Our e-Archiving enables you to carry out entirely paperless operations, which enables you to make significant savings.

Confirmation of the Internal Rules and the E-Archiving Service by the Archives of the RS

By issuing the decision No. 3821-1/2013/6 (and later ones), the Archives of the Republic of Slovenia has confirmed that we meet all the conditions for providing electronic archiving of materials (e-Archiving), and it has entered us into its register of providers. At the same time, the Archives of the RS issued a decision No. 3820-4/2012/20 (and later ones) confirmed our internal rules and their compliance with provisions of the Protection of Documents and Archives and Archival Institutions Act (ZVDAGA) and related rules and acts in the area of long-term e-Archiving.

To sum up: if you hire our e-Archiving service, you will make a big step towards paperless operations. In order to meet all regulatory requirements, you only need to prepare your internal rules, provide them to the Archives of the RS for approval or adopt our sample internal rules. We’ve prepared the latter for groups of clients to help and unify their processes.

The sample internal rules are currently applicable for health and educational institutions. This ensures the easiest way for our clients to adopt and use sample internal rules as their own internal rules. Our sample internal rules also adhere to additional regulations or unified classification plans, which were prepared by resource ministries or publicly discussed and we cooperated in such discussions.

We will help you to save on the costs which you have with existing materials in the paper form – the reproduction, copying, forwarding, sending and archiving of such materials. Once you’ve hired our service and adopted the sample internal rules, you can keep all of your materials in the electronic form only. The said decisions by the Archives of the RS confirm that this form is legally and judicially acknowledged and equal to the paper version.

In practice, it has been shown that after the commencement of e-Archiving, only the following are necessary to be kept in a paper version: materials in the transitional period before their destruction, the materials or auxiliary documents or material, the destruction of which does not make sense (notarial documents, important contracts, documents referring to the General Meeting and the foundation of the company, and similar; depending on an individual client’s decision).

The services are designed as lease services or as cloud services.

The services are charged on a monthly basis according to the actual use; therefore, clients don’t need any investment assets to start using them.

Access allowed only with preregistered digital certificates