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Sole Proprietor Package

The Sole Proprietor Package ensures:

  • The integration with the Birpis21/Isoz21 hospital information system,
  • Paperless operations using the DMS module and sample internal rules for the medical area (S Package),
  • The use of the CRM portal for one user,
  • Automatic informing in accordance with the Rules on maximum permissible waiting times,
  • Other reminders via text messages (up to the agreed quota of text messages per month) or via e-mail,
  • A working environment for one receptionist (answering calls and including them into the CRM portal),
  • An information solution for a simple, one-click returning of calls,
  • An overview of all communications with patients in one place (e-mail, text messages, calls),
  • The recording of calls for the IP Centreks when the line is busy, unavailable, or in the time outside working hours,
  • An overview of total revenue by patients,
  • A solution for manual recording of outgoing mail in the CRM portal,
  • A possibility of exchanging laboratory results in the electronic form (with selected organizations).

For this package, we also recommend ordering a spelling and dictation module with the Olympus equipment.


  • Ensuring a web presentation and e-appointments,
  • Birpis21/Isoz21 as a cloud service (without the server equipment installed at a health organization – client).

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