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Medical Informatics

Informatics for health institutions

No matter how small a health institution is, it can’t work without a suitable and integrated information system. Together with our partners we enable you to make orders and receive everything you need in one place.

We offer the following services and solutions:

  • Together with our partners we ensure hosting and the use of comprehensive information solutions to support the overall operations of a health institution and pharmacy, 
  • We ensure control over the setting up of information solutions with the requirements of access tracking and personal data protection,
  • We implement the provision of information, reminders and a CRM portal for the appointment service,
  • We ensure the compliance of notices with the requirements of the Rules on maximum permissible waiting times,
  • We carry out paperless archiving of all types of medical documents, and we prepare or apply internal rules pursuant to the requirements of the Archives of the RS,
  • We implement solutions for the identification and import of referrals,
  • We renew statements and instructions for patients in accordance with the requirements of the Patient Rights Act,
  • We make a transfer to paperless operations also for non-medical processes,
  • We implement various RIS/PACS solutions,
  • We implement and coordinate projects of diagnostic device and apparatus digitalization,
  •  We prepare documentation about the implementation of procedures and informed consent in accordance with the Patient Rights Act.
Our solutions are currently prepared and intended only for clients who order the Birpis21 and Isoz21 software solutions. We will also prepare integrations with other hospital information systems using the MedGateway system (Src Infonet).

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The solutions have been prepared in cooperation the following with partners: