How does Logitus work?

Setting Up a Call Centre

The service of setting up a call centre is intended for those organizations, which want to have a call centre or an advanced automatic response to incoming calls or forwarding of calls depending on the caller’s choice.

The service is recommended for the organizations, which record more than 50 calls per day/employee. The service is most convenient for the purpose of optimization or as help to improve the receptionist work without the need for hiring new staff.

This is an individually implemented advisory service, which is not tied to any software or hardware.

The call centre service ensures:

  • An analysis of the situation,
  • A proposal for the flow of calls in various times of the day,
  • The preparation of a proposal of call centre’s greeting messages,
  • The preparation of a written proposal of a comprehensive solution,
  • Recording greeting messages,
  • The coordination of call centre settings (with a selected technological provider on client’s premises),
  • The final test of operation.
From €500 – single payment.


  • Help or the implementation of a procedure for the selection of a technological call centre and telephony provider,
  • An analysis of statistics,
  • Recording greeting messages in the requested dialect,
  •  Forwarding the call centre settings to a selected provider (including for the IP Centrex environment).

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