How does Logitus work?

Communications and Etiquette

Before we start carrying out our services we make an interview with each client and check the current situation. The service is then implemented as an educational workshop with a combination of theoretical and practical parts for each participant. At the end of the workshop, we use role plays with examples from the client’s business.

The service can also be performed at the client’s location (for more than six participants).

The service is intended for clients who want:

  • To improve communication via the e-mail, telephone or text messages,
  • To enhance the satisfaction of their customers and approach them even better,
  • To set up unified rules of communication,
  • To optimize the work of receptionists.

The service of setting up a call centre ensures:

  • An analysis of the current situation and weaknesses in client’s communication,
  • Suggestions of communication improvement,
  • The communication etiquette and rules,
  • A presentation of practical examples (in a participant’s typical working environment),
  • A test of effects by participants (role-playing).
From €500/working day – a single payment according to the actual volume of performed work.

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